Top 10 Co-Line Events of 2015

Jan 11, 2016 / in Newsroom / by admin

1. Achieving 500,000 hours without a time-lost accident was a safety record for Team Co-Line and continues to grow. On-going diligence is required by all and must continue to be part of our daily routine. Safety is not by chance; it takes discipline and dedication. Who are you working SAFE for this year? 2. In the midst of another record-breaking sales year for Goalsetter Systems, the decision to team up with Escalade Sports by selling the sales and marketing piece of the business was a positioning move to continue to manufacture the best basketball hoop on the market. Initial stocking orders exceeded expectations in the fourth quarter. Manufacturing opportunities for other Escalade product lines has Co-Liners excited for 2016. 3. 2015 saw the 5S initiative transform to 6S with the addition of Safety. Beginning in the south building, the 6S movement spread to the north building and office and ultimately affects all company measurements of safety, quality, on-time delivery, productivity, and profitability. The intensity of 6S efforts will continue in 2016 as we transition from defense to offense. Facilities, equipment, and commitment of Co-Line team members is outstanding and improving! 4. Implementation of the new E2 software affected every department and every Co-Line team member in 2015. E2 is very user-friendly with bar code scanners for quick and accurate job costing, time utilization, and improved label printing, just a few of the highlights the new software offered. CIA, Tool & Die, and the Projects Group will implement E2 in 2016. 5. Co-Line’s constant reinvestment in equipment included purchases of a tube bender, two press brakes, four forklifts, a vertical machining center, a CNC lathe, 2K Paint mixing system, concrete polishing equipment, and more. These purchases will continue to help Co-Line lead and stay competitive in the ever-changing, dynamic metal fabrication arena. 6. Co-Line’s guaranteed years-of-service bonus reached an all-time high payout of $91,300. Over $100,000 in bonuses, trips, and prizes were awarded to employees at the annual Christmas lunch. This represents a slight increase from Co-Line's first Christmas celebration expenses of $40 for pizza and drinks for 4! 7. News of the $2 million no-interest loan from the USDA and CIPCO kick-started Co-Line’s next expansion project. The overall $5 million project will include the largest building addition in Co-Line’s history, new equipment, new paint or powder system, and continuing technology advancements. 8. New laser measurements and aligned thinking are at all-time high levels. World-class feed rate standards are in place and sustained, while reducing equipment expenses per operating hour. The laser team continues to reduce lead times, decreased from weeks to literally hours when needed. 9. A catalyst in Co-Line’s original repair shop, long-time employee Gaylord De Jong, announced his retirement after 24 years at Co-Line. An open house was held in February with numerous Co-Line customers and employees wishing him well. 10. Team Co-Line kicks butt in Donkey Basketball, a local fundraiser held in Sully. Team Co-Line defeated Janco in the championship! Not only do Co-Liners make the best basketball hoops in the nation, they also can "play" basketball while riding a donkey! Honorable Mention: While the alcohol funny car sat idle in 2015, third-generation drag-racer Carter Brand debuted his half-scale junior dragster at Eddyville Raceway Park. And following in his Grandpa Rail’s footsteps, Carter won the IHRA Junior Dragster Nationals in his age class and came in runner-up as king of the track.