The Biggest Loser at Co-line

Jan 5, 2020 / in Newsroom / by admin

Total weight lost: 543.72 lbs.

Biggest Loser: Mark Van Wyk | 24.96% | 67.2 lbs.

Runner up: Doug Richards | 21.52% | 51.6 lbs.

Forty-four Co-Liner’s signed up for the Biggest Loser Challenge held October, November, and December. Weekly prizes were given to the biggest percentage lost from week to week. The winner of the challenge was announced at the company Christmas party; Mark Van Wyk lost 67.2 lbs. and received $500! Doug Richards lost 51.6 lbs. and was named runner up, winning $250. The 44 lost collectively 543.72 lbs.! To celebrate and visually demonstrate the amount lost, Co-Line donated 543.72 lbs. in dog and cat food to the Jasper County Animal Rescue League. Congratulations, Team Co-Line! Thank you for your dedication and hard work!

The top 10 losers are shown above with the 543.72 lbs. of food donated to the Jasper County Animal Rescue League. The top 10 lost collectively 325.40 lbs. Back: Shawna Tice, 19.17%; Cory Tice, 18.57%; Doug Richards, 21.52%; Mark Van Wyk, 24.96%; Tom Orr, 12.08%; Gary Goings, 8.89%; and Doug McClelland, 14.08%; front: Faye Brand, 11.37%; Stefany Knowler, 10.76%; and Brenda Smith, 11.53%.