Team Co-Line takes it all in donkey basketball

Apr 15, 2015 / in Newsroom / by admin

Co-Line Logo-updated_3.14Team Co-Line brought home another trophy in April – but it wasn’t earned with the race car. With a gold donkey on top and “Donkey Basketball Champion 2015” written on the front, this new trophy looks nothing like the wallys brought home in the past! A team of brave men and women represented Team Co-Line/Goalsetter at a donkey basketball event in the L-S high school gym on Apr. 13. In true Co-Line fashion, the team gave it their all, beating the L-S school staff in the first game and Janco in the championship game to take it all. The hilarious and sometimes painful event raised over $1,920 for the Sully Central Park improvement project and playground equipment and kept audience members thoroughly entertained. For community members, this is the first time in approximately 40 years that donkey basketball or baseball has taken place in the area. And for some, it can’t come back soon enough. The hilarious antics of the donkeys as they bucked, ran, and stubbornly stayed still had the attendees beside themselves with laughter and talking about the night’s fun events long after the games were over. Members of the Co-Line team, coached by Dale and Eric Brand, were Ryan Johnson, Cory Brand, Cory Tice, Chris Tice, Jeff Kling, Brady Van Wyk, Tony Van Wyk, Shane Jansen, Steve Davis, Jason Allbee, Ashley Lemons, Rachel Zuidema, and Tayler Vander Molen. IMG_0985 IMG_8183_wm-bigger IMG_0978 IMG_0976 IMG_0963 IMG_0947 IMG_0926 IMG_0915 IMG_0914 IMG_0913