Students visit Co-Line

Feb 12, 2018 / in Newsroom / by admin

Indian-HillsIndian Hills Welding Class tours Co-Line Indian Hills brought their welding class of high school seniors for a tour of Co-Line on Jan. 18. The 14 students and two instructors toured the north building with Eric Leonard and were wowed by the big stamping presses. They learned about the application and interviewing process at Co-Line and listened to Zach McClellan share his career path story. Dan Schutte toured a variety of areas in the south building and shared with the group the variety of welding that happens at Co-Line. The group was active and asked a lot of good questions, and we hope to see so me of these students as future Co-Line employees! IMG_1633DMACC Class tours Co-Line Eight students and a tool & die instructor from DMACC visited Co-Line as a part of their curriculum on Jan. 23. The group arrived after 4 p.m. and had class at Co-Line for the evening. They have been studying press operations and feeders in class via videos. The opportunity to visit Co-Line and see stamping presses and feeders in person was a great opportunity, "especially since there is a quiz on feeders tomorrow," said instructor John Neumeyer. Mike Helleur, Chris Tice, Dave Hobbs, and Eric Leonard participated in the demonstration by explaining the process, materials, and various press and feeder operations. This opportunity to visit with students who will be finishing their studies this summer is a great way to make an impact on students who are about to join the workforce. A big thank you to those who shared their talents with these youngsters!