Snow much fun when a Co-Line snowplow truck visits a preschool

Jan 28, 2015 / in Newsroom / by admin

Plowtruck at Inspirations-web Inspirations preschoolers now know ins and outs of how snowplows work, thanks to a visit from Marty Van Wyk and a Co-Line snowplow truck. Van Wyk brought the truck to Inspirations Preschool in Sully on Thursday, Jan. 22. The visit came during a week dedicated to winter activities – a bit of a tricky task considering Sully was basically snow-less that week. Inspirations staff, including director Dawn Allbee, let their creativity flow as they worked around not having any snow. The children had questions about snowplows, so Allbee said they were excited when Co-Line and Van Wyk were willing to help them out by bringing a snowplow to the Inspirations parking lot. “When the children walked out the door of the building, I heard 17 woahs!” Allbee said. “They were very impressed to get so close to it.” Van Wyk showed the preschoolers how the blade moved and explained how and why the truck spreads sand on the road. The preschoolers were able to touch many parts on the truck and ask questions as their knowledge of snowplows grew. “I expect the next time any of the children see a snowplow on the road, they will be able to tell their parents all the information they learned,” Allbee said. “When asked what their favorite part of the truck was, we got many different answers, so I think the whole thing was a hit!”