Second Quarter Meeting

Jul 27, 2017 / in Newsroom / by admin

Co-Liners met in the south building for second quarter review on July 27. After enjoying fresh, warm cinnamon rolls by Julie Roose, Eric Brand introduced 16 new employees and six staffing agency employees to their first quarterly meeting. Linda Russell gave an update on the wellness program with 48 employees and 24 spouses earning cash rewards totaling $2,850 for the second quarter. An update on the upcoming ISO Audit and review of safety hours was shared. The current bonus structure, how it is calculated, and eligibility were reviewed as well as how the quarter ended up by the numbers. Co-Liners were again treated to a sizable second-quarter bonus, something most companies do not offer. Eric reviewed his recent trip to Italy with a slideshow of pictures. His trip included tours of five job shops and five manufacturers. Co-Line’s competition is not just local or in the U.S.A but also globally now, and he toured several shops that are on the leading edge. Something Co-Line can continue to improve upon was focusing on 6S and technology advancements. “It was a solid second quarter, and the year continues to be strong and looks to finish strong. Our competition and markets are more global than ever; we must stay diligent. 6S efforts must continue regardless of workload. This is our foundation for competition in a global marketplace. Congratulations and thank you, Team Co-Line,” concluded Eric.