October Building Addition Progress Report

Nov 2, 2016 / in Newsroom / by admin

The scope of the south building addition became clearer in October as the old and new facilities truly came together. The wall that used to separate the two facilities was moved to the south side of the addition, making the south building one massive facility. During the removal of the wall, windy conditions brought in a ton of dirt, requiring a lot of clean up by Co-Liners. Team members did a fantastic job of working together to get the place cleaned up, and thankfully, the worst of the construction mess should be behind us. img_3121 img_3091 With the wall moved, Co-Line has been able to utilize some of the new space already, taking some of the pressure off the space constraints in the old facility. Also in October, the overhead doors were installed. The glass areas were closed in, and the underground electrical work was completed. More concrete was poured and is a little over 50 percent complete. The concrete will be finished throughout the winter as paint line plans are finalized and storm shelters are constructed. Looking ahead, work on the footings for the two concrete storm shelters will begin in early November, and three new overhead cranes are expected to arrive this month. The communications wiring for phones and paging systems is currently being installed, and a temporary electrical service will go in later in November. Door openers will have electrical power, and exterior lighting will be installed along the south wall. “Things are going very, very well,” shared Rail Brand. “We’ve got a winter’s worth of work inside here, but the timing has been very good. We already have a lot of square footage that we can use.” Since everything is closed in now, indoor construction can continue during the winter months, regardless of the elements outside. As Rail put it, “We are positioned so well for this time of year.” Seeing the addition joined with the already existing facility has been, for Rail, like a dream completed – a dream that started 11 years ago with the building of the south facility. Envisioning where the company’s future could go, when the dirt work was done for the south facility over a decade ago, Rail made sure it took into account a future expansion to the south. “It’s just feels so right,” he said. “This is the picture that I had in my mind 11 years ago. It’s just coming together so well.”