New Co-Line tagline revealed

Aug 5, 2016 / in Newsroom / by admin

Co-Liners divided up into five groups on Wednesday, July 27, and held smaller department quarterly meetings in place of the large group quarterly meetings that have been held in the past. The first meeting started at 6 a.m. in the training room with the final meeting wrapping up a 1:30 p.m. Eric Brand reviewed the metrics of second quarter, highlighting on-time delivery, quality, productivity, and profitability. Co-Liners once again enjoyed a strong second-quarter bonus. Wellness rewards were handed out, with 44 employees and 20 spouses sharing in cash rewards totaling $2,460. Employees were then encouraged to be good stewards of their health insurance benefits as it directly relates to increases or decreases in rates. Updates on the expansion project were also shared, as well as a look at the overall workload of the organization.MetalLogo_D_color Rail Brand unveiled Co-Line’s new tagline, “We shape the metal that moves the world.” How we add value to our customers and give operational excellence in service and willingness to adapt is currently setting Co-Line apart in the industry. To continue to be successful, Co-Line needs employees with the right mindset and values. A new employee evaluation process was announced, which will evaluate team members by five values and three areas that define if the role they play at Co-Line is correct. Rail pledged to the group that every employee would have an assessment done by Sept. 1. All employees received a new start and have 30 days to make progress, not perfection, on the values Co-Line is looking for in employees. Several employees liked the smaller setting of the quarterly meetings as it felt like a more personable message from Eric and Rail. It was easier to see the Power Point and pay attention, and the temperature at least in the first couple meetings was frigid! Employees were also able to ask questions and offer real-time feedback during and after the meetings. Congratulations, Team Co-Line, on a successful second quarter!