Heat detection system adds new level of safety at Co-Line

Apr 28, 2016 / in Newsroom / by admin

It was hard not to notice the fire alarm and heat sensing system being installed at Co-Line during the end of March and early April. For several weeks, electricians were busy running wires for the office, north building, south building, and grounds building. The week of Apr. 4, they hooked up all the alarms and control panels – with beeps and sirens heard throughout the Co-Line buildings as adjustments and testings were done. Van Maanen Electric of Newton was the main contractor for the install while Simplex, a leader in the fire protection industry, did the programming. Marlo Van Wyk and the Co-Line maintenance crew also helped with the process. [caption id="attachment_2999" align="alignright" width="190"]Pull stations have been installed by every exit. Pull stations have been installed by every exit.[/caption] A big thank you to all departments at Co-Line for your patience during the install. With the new system up and running now, Co-Line will be a safer place as the system is continuously monitored 24/7. The system detects when temperatures at the ceiling exceed 135 degrees or when the temperature rises more than 15 degrees in one minute. “We chose a heat detection system over the tradition smoke detection system given our environment. Weld smoke or even dust in the air can set off a smoke detector,” noted Eric Brand, who coordinated the project. “This system also gives information to the fire department as to which building the fire is in and where it is within the building. Our rural fire departments do a great job, but given our remote location, we wanted to do anything we could to get them to a potential fire as soon as possible.” The new system also has pull stations by every exit. When a pull station is activated, it immediately alerts the monitoring company and fire department. While the pull stations are a positive for overall safety, discernment will be required on when to pull the pull station. “Although I hope it is not necessary, there is still a proper time and place to use a fire extinguisher,” Eric noted. The new system, though an expensive investment, should pay for itself in about two years due to the cost savings through Co-Line’s insurance carrier.