Future welders tour Co-Line

Nov 6, 2016 / in Newsroom / by admin

Eight students from the Welding Certification class at Grinnell High School toured Co-Line on Nov. 3. Some of the students are actually from Montezuma and BGM High Schools and drive to Grinnell to take the Welding Certification course. The students toured the south building with Dan Schutte, who reviewed various welding processes. They also learned about the lasers and tube bending processes and got to see the inside of the new addition. When the students returned to the office, they heard about Co-Line's history and learned what characteristics are looked for in new Co-Line employees. The instructor, David Winkleblack, asked that the students have an opportunity to learn about the interview process. Linda Russell and Dan set up a mock interview and asked a student to volunteer as the interviewee. The student who volunteered, Wyatt Jack from Montezuma, did a great job of answering a number of tough questions, and received a Co-Line T-shirt for a prize (instead of a job!). The students were very interested in Co-Line and asked several very good questions. It was nice to have such a fun and engaged group that was interested in learning more. The instructor said the visit was "awesome," and he'll be back again! [caption id="attachment_3387" align="alignleft" width="300"]Eight Welding Certification students and their instructor visit Co-Line Nov. 3. Eight Welding Certification students and their instructor visit Co-Line Nov. 3.[/caption]