Framework going up for Co-Line south building expansion

Aug 1, 2016 / in Newsroom / by admin

Co-Line’s 12th and largest building project in its 37-year history continued ahead of schedule in July thanks to cooperative weather and the skilled workforce of the contractor, Jensen Builders. “The construction project has been moving along very well,” Rail Brand noted. “Jensen Builders has been doing an outstanding job, and I’m very pleased with their professionalism and how organized they are keeping the job site.”IMG_1970 Earlier this year, dirt work was started to expand the truck area south of the new addition. The area is now being covered with black dirt, in preparation for seeding later on this year. The exterior concrete for the new addition is nearly complete with well over 1,500 cubic yards of concrete poured. The building framework – nicknamed “red iron” due to it being painted a brownish red color – began arriving on Wednesday, July 20, on six semi loads. Ten semi loads the next day brought the rest of the framework. Site preparation began that Friday with the framing starting to go up the following Monday. After only one week of construction activity, the framework is done on two of the five main bays with all red iron expected to be up in three more weeks. As of print time, plans were being finalized for the tornado shelters and restrooms inside the new facility. Eric Brand along with the maintenance team was working on completing the electrical and plumbing plans. Looking ahead, once the framework is complete, the focus will turn to the roof, side panels, and overhead doors. The interior floor will be poured last – in a climate-controlled environment – later on in October. Co-Line has purchased an automated wash and paint system from Pennsylvania that has already started to arrive. Preparation on these components is underway, and installation will begin immediately following the completion of the building addition. The 120,000-square foot addition is well on its way to being what Rail described as a “world-class manufacturing space, ready to adapt to the needs of the future.” [caption id="attachment_3124" align="aligncenter" width="1030"]Framework going up on Co-Line's 120,000-square foot addition. Framework going up on Co-Line's 120,000-square foot addition.[/caption]