Dale Brand receives welder similar to his original welder from 1978

Feb 9, 2015 / in Newsroom / by admin

Eric Brand purchased the old welder pictured above for his dad, Dale Brand, in honor of Co-Line’s 35th anniversary. The welder is just like the original Millermatic 35 welder Rail bought back in 1978 – one of four pieces of equipment he had back then. IMG_1278-web Paul Peterson of Airgas (formerly Wright Welding) was one of the first welding equipment salesmen to ever call on Rail, and Paul assisted Eric in finding the Millermatic 35 look-alike. “I had looked for quite some time, and it was difficult finding a nice condition, working unit from the 1970s!” Eric said. Eric surprised Dale with the welder at the quarterly meeting at the end of January. “I had asked Eric to go looking for one, but I had no idea he’d found one,” Dale said. The story goes that Dale used to weld so much on gates with his Millermatic 35 that one time he actually melted one of the plugs on the front from running it so much! Dale will add this welder to his collection as he already has his original work bench saved in his newly-finished barn at home. He also has his original stick welder. As for the Millermatic 35, Dale said it’s one of the coolest gifts he’s received in a long time. “It probably doesn’t mean much to anyone else, but it sure means a lot to me,” he said, adding that the sentimental value is not so much in the welder itself but rather in what the welder represents – the hard work and thousands of hours spent using that equipment years ago.