Co-line hosted local firefighters, EMT’s, and first responders

Mar 4, 2019 / in Newsroom / by admin

On Monday, Feb. 11, Co-Line hosted local firefighters, EMT’s, and first responders from three area fire departments. In appreciation for all of the local volunteers, Co-Line treated the group to a dinner cooked and served by Lynnville’s Smokin’ J’s. The snowy weather made for a smaller crowd, but 20 volunteers braved the snowy roads. After dinner, Co-Line owners reviewed their emergency action plan, gave the group a tour of their south facility, and answered any questions.

“As our organization and facilitates continue to grow, it’s important for us to prepare our local emergency response teams as much as we possibly can. During the tour, we identified our new storm shelters in our south facility, our high-risk areas for fire, and our flag system in time of need of an ambulance. We keep our aisles wide and clear in nearly every area of our two buildings in case of the need for an ambulance. The ambulance can be driven throughout our facilities to the location of need. For the ongoing safety of our employees, we host the local firefighters and first responders every other year or so,” shared Dale Brand.

To help the departments continue to serve our local areas, Co-Line donated $1,000 to each department in Reasnor, Lynnville, and Sully. “It’s a small token of our appreciation for their dedication to help our local areas in time of need,” concluded Dale.