Co-Line Designs and Makes New Sully City Limit Signs

Jun 26, 2014 / in Newsroom / by admin

Capture Visitors Welcomed entering Sully city limits Soon, new Welcome to Sully signs will greet visitors to Sully from all four directions. Last week, the first sign was installed by Co-Line Welding, Co-Line Graphics, and the City of Sully about a mile north of town. The very faded old welcome signs were taken down and as it seems with every project, a few glitches have happened along the way including an incredible amount of concrete left from the old signs that needed to be removed. A big thanks to Hackert Sales and Service for use of their equipment and expertise during the removal process. The new steel signs, made and designed by Co-Line, feature a cutout of the freedom rock that was moved into Sully’s town square last year. The rock will soon be painted by Raymond “Bubba” Sorenson and Sully will be known as “Home of the Jasper County Freedom Rock.” The remaining three signs will be installed prior to Sully’s 4th of July celebration. The sign west of town will be relocated closer to town on Kruseman Implement’s property while the other two locations will remain the same – east of town by the cemetery and south of town along Hwy. T-33.