Co-Line celebrates anniversary, record-breaking month, quarter

Apr 1, 2017 / in Newsroom / by admin

In a little over a week, Co-Line will celebrate another full year in business – 38 years to be exact. When Rail Brand opened up his little one-man repair shop on Apr. 9, 1979, he had no way of knowing that 38 years later, his company would employ 146 people and have over 300,000 square feet of space (nearly 7 acres!) under roof. The future looks just as promising for Co-Line, as the 38th year of business is wrapping up with a bang. March will go down as the best month numbers-wise in Co-Line’s nearly 38-year history, and the first quarter boasted the best on-time delivery, quality, and productivity measurements Co-Line has ever had. A celebration of Co-Line’s 38th anniversary as well as the record-breaking March and Quarter One will be sometime in April. Stay tuned for details, and keep up the pursuit of excellence, Co-Liners!