Christmas lunch highlighted by $91,300 in years-of-service bonus

Jan 4, 2016 / in Newsroom / by admin

Christmas came early for the 130 Co-Liners who attended the annual Christmas lunch on Friday, Dec. 18. Employees enjoyed a catered smoked ham lunch by Prime Country BBQ, followed by service awards, games, and $10,000 in prizes and trips dished out before employees went home for the day. Co-Liners received $91,300 in the years of service bonus with five employees awarded a trip for reaching 10 years. At $100 per year of service, in 2016, the total will exceed over $100, 000! [caption id="attachment_2692" align="alignright" width="300"]Fifteen new employees who each received a Co-Line jacket are pictured with Dale Brand, from left, front: J.T. Walker, Frank Ready, Jacob Jansen, Dan Hagedorn, Jacob Williams, Jeff Schultz, Cameron Van Zante; back: Josh Mitchel, Reggie Kaldenberg, Matt Walker, Adam Gannaway, Derek Litwiller, Justin Ver Steeg, Jessica Dawson, and Leon Vander Weerdt. Fifteen new employees each received a Co-Line jacket.[/caption] For the wellness program, 32 employees received $50 each for completing a physical this past year. The January wellness challenge features were announced. Linda Russell, of the HR department, also reported participation in wellness activities must be by over 50 percent of the employees in 2016 or it will be discontinued. Faye Brand had some fun showcasing the “Many Hats of Rail.” For the last several months, Rail’s mode of transportation has been the Co-Line tug. Depending on the day, Rail wears many hats while making transfers with the tug. When he is the self-named Super Trucker Rail Bob, Rail dons the football helmet. When you need your parts fast, strap on the drag racing helmet. Have HOT parts? Watch out, here comes Fire Chief Rail. When all three carts/trailers are hooked up to the tug, Rail can be seen showing off his choo choo train in front of the office windows and needs the conductor’s hat and whistle. He’s been known to be a cross-dresser while driving the tug, and Faye embarrassed Rail with some women’s lingerie. The magic of continuous improvement is alive when Rail is around with his top hat. And some people just love how Rail likes to “clown around” while driving the tug... or are they referring to his tug as a clown car?! Dale Maston found a spring under his chair and stole Kyle Krampe’s $100 Pizza Ranch gift card. But Kyle didn’t leave empty handed; he traded his spring for Rail’s wallet with $205 in it. Tayler Vander Molen found a manufactured part under the table she ate her meal at, and Eric Brand bought the piece from her for $253, all the money in his wallet. Rick Harrill closed the meeting with a prayer of blessing on the company. Rail concluded the event by saying, "These are the moments I love and live for – all together working and playing together. I'm honored by the 2015 effort and look forward to the 2016 to come. Thank you to all for all you've done for this company. I appreciate it very much." Prize winners: $100 Pizza Ranch: Dale Maston (took from Kyle Krampe) $50 Hy-Vee/Ham: Bob O’Dell $100 Beef Certificate: Ken James $100 Beef Certificate: Roger Van Hal $100 Beef Certificate: Loren Fopma $100 Beef Certificate: Elliott Mapes Co-Line Bench ($350 value): Bryan De Jong 4 Disney Live tickets ($128 value): Dave Westbrook 4 Disney Live tickets ($128 value): Cameron Van Zante 6 Monster Jam tickets ($102 value): Bob Snyder 4 Rodeo Tickets ($92 value): J.T. Walker $100 Target giftcard: Ben Hardesty 20 Free Co-Line lunches ($100 value): Eric Leonard Co-Line jacket ($50 value): Frank Ready Co-Line jacket ($50 value): Eric De Penning $50 to Co-Line Logo Shop: Ron Van Baale Cash from Rail’s wallet ($205): Kyle Krampe Cash from Eric’s wallet ($253): Tayler Vander Molen [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="2680,2681,2682,2683,2684,2685,2686,2687,2688,2689,2690,2691,2692,2693,2694,2695"]