Another successful ISO 9001-2008 Audit accomplished

Sep 5, 2016 / in Newsroom / by admin

Congratulations to all Co-Liners – your day-to-day efforts in the details of your work have been verified as compliant to the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Standards. Clive Devers, lead auditor for Bureau Veritas Certifications, conducted a 2.5-day audit Aug. 29-31. This audit covered the second half of our processes that fall under ISO certification. The process auditing method that Clive uses is such that his focus will start in a prescheduled department and will extend out to respective supporting areas of the company. The importance of a team effort is exemplified when this auditing method is used and brings true meaning to being on your game. It’s kind of like playing the outfield – you may not have a ball hit your way, but every pitch, you must be ready. Clive’s audit conclusions brought forth a lot of positives and strengths with a few areas we need to improve upon. Congratulations again to everyone, and the challenge to all of us is, no matter if you’re playing the infield, outfield, offense, defense, coach, cheerleader, or bat boy, stay on your game because this is a team effort to put our customers as #1.