40 years celebration continues

Jul 1, 2019 / in Newsroom / by admin

Top customers, vendors, and special guests were invited to Co-Line’s 40th Anniversary Open House on June 6 and 7. Special thanks to all of those Co-Line employees who helped make the event a success. The facilities were tour-ready and definitely made a lasting impression on all who visited. Customers and vendors from around the nation made the trip, traveling from CA, OK, IL, NE, WI, and MO.

Visitors checked in at the newly redecorated front lobby and then made their way through the connection between office and north building, where Co-Line’s timeline, products, and culture were on display. Rick Harrill and other supervisors provided golf cart rides to guests between buildings during the tours. Tour guides then guided the guests through the tool and die area with special interest on the new UR10 robot that was running a VMC. Traveling down through the press department, guests saw our wide range of tonnage Co-Line has to offer. Quality, maintenance, paint and package, along with warehousing and spotwelding were all stops along the tour.

Representatives from First State Bank enjoyed learning about the exciting growth opportunities in the paint and powder area of the south building from Todd Johnson. The bank has been an instrumental part of Co-Line’s 40-year history, taking a chance on Rail and Co-Line when no one else would!

The new 350x200 foot addition was also announced during the tour as guests rode on golf carts through where the new building will be.

In the south building, the tour weaved its way through the flat laser department and bending department stopping at the new fiber flat lasers for some show and tell moments of what’s to come. Continuing through the new vertical storage areas, tube lasers, tube bend, folder, and welding were all areas of interest. At the quality office, Gary Smith had several fun examples of what our high tech quality equipment can do. A definite showstopper on the tour was the 16 feet tall globe highlighting Co-Line’s creativity and fabrication skills in the Projects Group area! Look for the globe to be placed at the entrance of Co-Line later this fall. The grand finale of the tour included the new paint and powder coat area. Todd Johnson shared the future plans and capabilities of that area.

Co-Line employees, including Joel Schmidt and Jeff De Jong, dig into some great BBQ at the free lunch on June 7 for employees, customers, and vendors. Guests enjoyed food and gifts and left with many positive comments about Co-Line’s facilities and team members.

“Thank you to all who made the 40th anniversary open house a huge success. The facilities were tour ready and our guests were very complimentary of everyone. Here’s to the next 40 years!” said the Brands.