Dec 10, 2013 / in Newsroom / by admin

2013 was a record-breaking year for Co-Line in many aspects of the business. Receiving the first ever Milestone Achievement Award from Lean Partners, Inc on Dec. 24th was the culmination of an exciting year. Co-Line was recognized with the award as “Best in Class On-Time Delivery and Lead Time of 98.1%”. Most companies measure their lead time to proposed/quoted lead times. Co-Line measures their performance on the customer-requested ship date, some of which are 24-hour requested lead times! New equipment and process alignment was also top on the list of successes in 2013. The Brand family continues to reinvest in the business and purchased two new Mazak Optiplex lasers along with a 400-ton press brake in 2013, bringing the level of service to a new standard of excellence. Co-Line’s total laser count is now 10. 2013 was also a record-breaking year for the number of basketball hoops built. For the third row in a year, Goalsetter basketball hoop sales broke all records. Private label basketball hoop sales look to be very strong in 2014. “Co-Line hires record number of new employees” was another headliner for the year. Intensified training began in 2013 and will be taken to a new level in 2014. Co-Line’s emphasis on safety continues to be at the forefront for all employees as well. A floating holiday was added to the benefit package offered to employees as well. $76,400 was awarded in years of service bonus to employees at the annual Christmas Party. Many operational measurements were added into the daily activities of almost every department in 2013 and record breaking results are to be expected in 2014. And don’t forget the success of the Co-Line sponsored NHRA Alcohol funny car. Attending only six NHRA events, Team Co-Line/Goalsetter won two events, two runner-up, and two semi-final appearances. And not to be forgotten, the team won the JEGS All-Star Race. The team has high goals for 2014, will a 5.4 second pass be in Dale Brand’s future? It was a fun and exciting year and 2014 looks to raise the bar in excitement again!